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22 July 2015

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OpenSSL 0.9.8f upgrade is now available

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Joined: 15 Oct 2005
Posts: 2240
Location: Hilversum, NL, EU

PostPosted: Tue 16 Oct '07 20:20    Post subject: OpenSSL 0.9.8f upgrade is now available Reply with quote

Update 19 October: 0.9.8g avaliable, see below

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Joined: 17 Dec 2005
Posts: 610
Location: Milford, MA, USA

PostPosted: Wed 17 Oct '07 18:55    Post subject: bug in OpenSSL 0.9.8f Reply with quote

There is a bug in OpenSSL 0.9.8f which causes an error.log entry like this for each new SSL session:
[Wed Oct 17 12:11:39 2007] [error] unusably short session_id provided (0 bytes)

This error is harmless except for causing many log entries. SSL still works correctly.

I entered OpenSSL bug 1591 and Apache bug 43644 for this problem.

Note that the two security vulnerabilities fixed in OpenSSL 0.9.8f are not relevant for Apache 2.2 and mod_ssl.
Apache does not: 1.) use DTLS (datagram variation of TLS), or 2.) call SSL_get_shared_ciphers().
Installing OpenSSL 0.9.8f is not urgent if you are already running OpenSSL 0.9.8e.

Nevertheless, it is not a good practice to fall behind on OpenSSL versions. Many smaller non-security fixes are in 0.9.8f.

If there is a new OpenSSL 0.9.8g in the next few days (or weeks) - it may be a good idea to wait for it.
If this is not acceptable - you can either live with the error.log entries, or else fix the OpenSSL 0.9.8f source code yourself and re-build it.

If you build OpenSSL from the source code and you want to fix this problem yourself, edit the file srclib\openssl\ssl\s3_srvr.c and change line 746
   if ((s->new_session && (s->options & SSL_OP_NO_SESSION_RESUMPTION_ON_RENEGOTIATION)))
   if (j == 0 || (s->new_session && (s->options & SSL_OP_NO_SESSION_RESUMPTION_ON_RENEGOTIATION)))
then re-build OpenSSL 0.9.8f.

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Joined: 17 Dec 2005
Posts: 610
Location: Milford, MA, USA

PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct '07 15:53    Post subject: Reply with quote

OpenSSL 0.9.8g has been released which corrects this bug.
Changes between 0.9.8f and 0.9.8g [19 Oct 2007]

*) Fix various bugs:
+ Binary incompatibility of ssl_ctx_st structure
+ DTLS interoperation with non-compliant servers
+ Don't call get_session_cb() without proposed session
+ Fix ia64 assembler code
[Andy Polyakov, Steve Henson]

I also updated the note about building OpenSSL with info for MASM v6 users, and added some additional info about patented ciphers.

For 0.9.8g binary download see the download page.

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