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ASF and the Windows binaries at http.apache.org

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PostPosted: Wed 25 Apr '12 12:10    Post subject: ASF and the Windows binaries at http.apache.org Reply with quote

Frequent I get notices that the binaries from Apachelounge are not "trusted" and only willing to download Windows binaries from the official apache.org site, and so missing all the goodies from a VC10 build and missing the latest (security) updates.

The ASF does not support their binaries, they are as-is. Statement of the ASF:

The ASF provides binaries only as a convenience and at our leisure; if you are professionally responsible for an installation of httpd, openssl and so forth which you do not to compile yourself, you would probably benefit from contracting for the services you are demanding. The ASF is there to collaboratively produce source code only.

You can always contact me for offered services and support !


ApacheLounge is providing binaries since 2003.
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