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Let's Encrypt mod_md : manual move after renew ?

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Joined: 31 Jul 2009
Posts: 71

PostPosted: Sat 02 Sep '17 23:33    Post subject: Let's Encrypt mod_md : manual move after renew ? Reply with quote

running mod-md 0.8.0 on windows 2008 no issues so far renew certificate shows it updated.

Only one question the renew cert do i have to manually move it to assign folder or its auto? from md/domain


warn sign

[Sat Sep 02 20:22:24.105200 2017] [ssl:warn] [pid 5096:tid 280] AH: Init: (www.myhost.com:443) You configured certificate/key files on this host, but is is covered by a Managed Domain. You need to remove these directives for the Managed Domain to take over.

disregard i read this line here https://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/mod/mod_md.html#mdstoredir

I removed the line and used the default settings to md/domain root. I tested it and it worked no more above error
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Joined: 15 Oct 2005
Posts: 2628
Location: Hilversum, NL, EU

PostPosted: Sun 03 Sep '17 9:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

You do not have to move/copy manually.

The description MDStoreDir Directive can be a little confusing.
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