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Webmin FINALLY!!!! for winodws

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Joined: 15 Nov 2005
Posts: 82
Location: Dundee, Michigan

PostPosted: Wed 08 Mar '06 0:54    Post subject: Webmin FINALLY!!!! for winodws Reply with quote

Webmin is finally out for windows AND IT's CURRENTLY STILL ALPHA-STAGE so be carefull. All u need for webmin is perl. Webmin is a apache GUI administration interface and can be used via by your customers to use as there GUI for there part of there website. I really really like it and have been using it on cygwin for a couple of years now. On cygwin it's a pain in the butt to install. To find out more about webmin go to:
http://www.webmin.com/<---Main Websit
http://www.webmin.com/apache.html<---Apache Configuration
http://www.webmin.com/download.html<---Download Page
http://webadminmodules.sourceforge.net/<---Thrid-Party Modules/Add-ons
This is very very highly customizable. Please note that some of the third-party modules WONT work with windows (i.e.:sendmail,etc. basically linux progs that haven't been ported over to windows yet.)

I JUST CANNOT WAIT until usermin and virtualmin is ported over to windows.
usermin is user(s) Administration
and most importantly
virtualmin is virtual host(s) administration--->This would be good for ppl that virtualhosts and them don't get along to well Very Happy
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James Blond

Joined: 19 Jan 2006
Posts: 6414
Location: Germany, Next to Hamburg

PostPosted: Wed 08 Mar '06 10:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

Even the Linux / Unix Version has many securityholes. The windows Version ist still in development. In my company is only to speak about using webmin a reason to get fired...
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