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ZPanel | Cpanel alternative for windows FREE

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Joined: 07 Oct 2013
Posts: 241
Location: United Kingdom, London

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jan '14 11:49    Post subject: ZPanel | Cpanel alternative for windows FREE Reply with quote

I was looking around for a control panel other than plesk for windows that was a free alternative to cpanel and a friend of mine sent me this.


What i wanted to know is there builds of apache self compiled and i wanted some recommendations before i jump into trying to use it since my experience with self compiled apache builds like xampp they crashed and had memory leaks apachelounge is the only stable one i have ever come across.

But i used it on my friends server and it works amazingly mysql, phpmyadmin everything was there it was like using a cpanel.
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Joined: 12 May 2012
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jan '14 15:14    Post subject: ZPanel Reply with quote

Hi C0nw0nk

I have been using ZPanel for a mumber of years now, and am responsible for the Windows Installers. We are using stock standard versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

I made the installers with Apache 2.4.2 and PHP 5.3. Apache is from this website, and the only tweak I made was to adapt the apache.conf file to sort out issues that the earlier versions of Apache 2.4 had.

It is a bit tricky to update the panel to newer versions, but it possible.I made a HOWTO on ZPanel's forum of how to do the updating.

All you need to remember when installing ZPanel on Windows is to install all the included Microsoft VCREDISTS, which are available as a separate download, ant to keep your PC up to date.

I personally am running 64 bit versions of the "Server" stack, and it works well with the panel. I think actually it runs better than the 32 bit versions. LOL.

I am also using PHP 5.4 which I got from here, as Jan-E has rebuilt php-suhosin so that it works perfectly with PHP 5.4, as PHP 5.4 and suhosin did not play along nicely (especially in Roundcube, which we use as a mail client). PHP-suhosin is a core requirement for ZPanel.

I am also using ZPanel in Ubuntu 12.04 Server, and there are plans to make it for the newer versions as well.

Contact me if you have any further queries.


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Joined: 07 Oct 2013
Posts: 241
Location: United Kingdom, London

PostPosted: Thu 16 Jan '14 19:42    Post subject: Re: ZPanel Reply with quote

Oh wow thats cool thanks Smile Yeah when i installed it the only changes i actualy wanted to make was to change the PHP version to a new one and make it run from fast cgi in a non threaded enviorment.

Mainly because high traffic sites seem to do better on fastcgi especialy with wincache what is only built for non threaded php versions.

I installed it on my windows 2012 so far so good i have been having problems importing databases but mysql is a pain and i had to edit the configs so i can accept remote connections.
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