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Reply to topic   Topic: How to update/upgrade Apache 2.4 to newer version

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PostPosted: Fri 24 Jan '14 20:47    Post subject: How to update/upgrade Apache 2.4 to newer version Reply with quote

Copied from www.apachelounge.com/viewtopic.php?p=26636#26636 , thanks Anaksunaman.

If you are installing from zip files, the replacement should be fairly simple. The zip files from Apache Lounge are completely self-contained installs and need nothing additional to run out of the box (other than basic config file tweaking, etc. Wink ).

Exclamation Before upgrading, be careful to backup all your conf files/directories, SSL certificates/directories, virtual host files/directories, etc. or any other custom modifications to the server. Otherwise, you might run into a bunch of work!

A basic upgrade would likely consist of the following:

1.) Stop the Apache service.

2.) Rename your original Apache installation directory (e.g. rename "C:\install\path\Apache24" to something like "C:\install\path\Apache24_old"). This is your basic backup step.

3.) Unzip your new upgraded installation to the old install directory (e.g. "C:\install\path\Apache24").

4.) Copy needed conf files, additional components, etc. from the old install folder to the new install folder (e.g. select the needed files from "Apache24_old" and copy them to "Apache24").

If you are paranoid, you can always uninstall and reinstall the Apache service after step 4 if you like, but is unlikely to be necessary.

A big advantage to keeping the same installation directory is that it should obviate the need for making any conf changes (i.e. everything should be "drag and drop" as far as replacing the new default config files with your old ones -- you may still want to keep the default files as backups though). Furthermore, you should be able to drop custom files (SSL certificates, modules, etc.) into the same locations and have them work as well.

A big advantage to this approach (simply renaming the old directory) is that you can also keep your old installation "just in case". As long as you don't cannibalize your old install to make it inoperable (i.e. you copy and DON'T cut/paste), you have a backup in case your upgrade goes awry for some reason.
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PostPosted: Tue 28 Jan '14 12:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's my batch file for that:


REM That's my web software directory
CD C:\WebForce
NET STOP Apache24
TASKKILL /IM php-cgi.exe /F
TASKKILL /IM php.exe /F
TASKKILL /IM httpd.exe /F
REM configuration, extra modules, etc.
XCOPY Apache24\conf Apache24_new\conf /e /i /h
COPY Apache24\modules\mod_evasive2.so Apache24_new\modules
COPY Apache24\modules\mod_limitipconn.so Apache24_new\modules
COPY Apache24\modules\mod_fcgid.so Apache24_new\modules
COPY Apache24\modules\mod_log_rotate.so Apache24_new\modules
REM Logs directory tree
XCOPY Apache24\logs Apache24_new\logs /t
REN Apache24 Apache24_old
REN Apache24_new Apache24
NET START Apache24

Of course this may vary for each particular installation.
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