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Receiving Bitcoin Payments with PHP simple script

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Joined: 07 Oct 2013
Posts: 241
Location: United Kingdom, London

PostPosted: Fri 28 Jul '17 16:51    Post subject: Receiving Bitcoin Payments with PHP simple script Reply with quote

So I wanted to dive into the world of Bitcoin and I thought i should post and ask here if anyone is familiar with blockchain or has a simple PHP script already. (Mostly because of the bitcoin donate button @apachelounge i ask)

Here is a script for https://blockchain.info/ i was looking at but it uses MySQL what I do not want or need.

I just need a simple PHP script that can check a wallet address and if a success do the following.

if ($amount_received >= $conversion) { //amount recieved was greater than or equal to what ever the conversion bitcoin rate is
if ($success) { //Bitcoin received successfully
echo("thank you very much <3");

I did come across the following on my search for something simple but the API it uses is not blockchain and no idea how trust worthy it is.

So yeah some experienced help in this area would be really fantastic and much appreciated Smile Thanks to anyone who can assist.
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