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Reply to topic   Topic: Unable to setup hhtp.conf or file uload

Joined: 29 Jun 2016
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Location: France, Les Ulis

PostPosted: Wed 29 Jun '16 19:58    Post subject: Unable to setup hhtp.conf or file uload Reply with quote

Hello Everybody!

I did write in the past for a customer a customized client program which, beyond other things,
did upload files into a subdirectory tree of a mongoose http server.
As far as I remember, enabling file upload was as simple as setting to 1 the field "Enable WebDAV extentions"
in the mongoose site administration page, and that's all!
Now, for security reasons, the customer IT managers impose them to switch to Apache 2.4 and explicit permissions.
I am currently struggling with Apache configuration concepts, and still unable to setup any piece of configuration
that would allow one client to upload files.. (I am starting from the ground in Apache!)

The context: the server is a Windows 2008 64 bits, running the last available Apache version.
The clients are a linux boxes (redhat, opensuse, ubuntu and debian), running perl scripts and commands.
HTTP dialog run thru wget and curl commands.
Typical upload requests are:
curl --fail --verbose --upload-file file.tz2 http://mystation:8080/upload-zone/Linux-10/ # file
(echo "This is my header!" && tar czf - *)|curl --fail --verbose -H "Content-Length: 20000000" --upload-file - http://mystation:8080/upload-zone/Linux-10/dir/allfiles.tz2 # tar-ed stream
The final intent is that each "approved" remote client should be explicitly declared in the httpd.conf
so that it is allowed to upload files into 'its' upload area subfolder (possibly creating, deleting intermediate
levels and files inside and only inside its subtree)
This would also include some basic authentication, but it is not the question as of today, since I am not even capable
of uploading one byte to the server, spending hours in tweaking the httpd.conf file, not trying to restrict upload to any particular remote client!
All I get with the client code is, most of the time a 405 error: Method not allowed.
What are the basic settings to allow file upload, from anywhere - no restriction?
Then, is a per-client authoring is possible? ("virtual host"? or what other approach would achieve the objective?)

Thanks in advance to help me, I am completely stuck..

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James Blond

Joined: 19 Jan 2006
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Location: Germany, Next to Hamburg

PostPosted: Mon 04 Jul '16 16:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

Please post the vhost config.
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