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setting up apache2 with SSL on a Linux server

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Joined: 02 Oct 2018
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Location: USA, Montvale

PostPosted: Tue 02 Oct '18 22:32    Post subject: setting up apache2 with SSL on a Linux server Reply with quote

I have a Chrome Extension that talks to my application on a Bitnami LAMP server (on AWS). The application was written in PHP with Codeigniter and the communication from the ChromeExt is written in js and uses XMLhttpRequest and PUT. I have set this up on my localhost under WAMP and it runs fine (using localhost). I have also tried it on a shared server (under Windows) and it also runs fine. I have now loaded it on AWS under Linux (LAMP) and while the UI runs great, the communication between the ChromeExt and the bitnami servers Lamp just fails. I have to reboot the server each time I try it because the server gets into a state error 500, each time. This is the line from the error_log that breaks it.

malformed header from script 'index.php': Bad header: {"0":["{choose}","IOS","Mac","

That is my payload but MY code does not stick the payload into the header! And it works fine under Windows. The error only occurs under Linux. So I am thinking it must be my Linux or Apache config. There are so many damn config files under Linux. I have been stuck here for many weeks.

Can anyone suggest how I can debug this? I have tried ssldump, wireshark, running xdebug on the server, etc. I am using phpStorm and am fairly good with the debugger both on the server and with the Chrome debugger.
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