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Reply to topic   Topic: Tips: REALLY easy wamp (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) install

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PostPosted: Wed 04 Apr '07 3:13    Post subject: Tips: REALLY easy wamp (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) install Reply with quote

To install Apache, MySQL database, PHP5 , PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager only using ONE download and ONE easy install wizard, you can use WAMP5.

WAMP5 is free to use (GPL licence). When I write this the package has these:
- Apache 2.2.4
- PHP 5.2.1
- MySQL 5.0.27
- PHPmyadmin 2.9.2
- SQLitemanager 1.2.0

You find the homepage here:

Download it here (about 17 Mb):

There is also add ons (install wizards):
You can install add-ons to WAMP5 to enable new functionnalities. You just need to install the add-on and restart your WAMP5 (stop and close WAMP5). These add-ons work on WAMP5 1.0 or more.


  • PHP4.4.5 ADD-ON for WAMP5 1.7.0.
    It installs PHP4.4.5 on your WAMP5 (so you'll have PHP5 and PHP4) and creates a new command in the WAMP5 menu (manager).
    This command allows you to change from PHP5 to PHP4 (and inverse).

    This add-on will transform your WAMP5 in a 2 in 1 server :

    Apache - PHP4 - MySQL or
    Apache - PHP5 - MySQL

    Changing from PHP5 to PHP4 is automatic and takes just a few secondes.
    You can have a special conf for each PHP since there are two php.ini files.

  • MySQL administration toolkit ADD-ON for WAMP5 1.7.0
    This add-on adds MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser in the MySQL menu of WAMP5. It also installs all the MySQL command line utilities in the mysql/bin directory.

    This add-on will install the ZEND OPTIMIZER on your server and increases PHP runtime performance - for more info on ZEND OPTIMIZER, see the ZEND website . OPTIMIZER will be installed on both PHP4 and PHP5. After installation, restart your server and see your phpinfo().

    This has been the first add-on created and was more like a test than something really usefull since WAMP5 is not ment to be a production server. This add-on installs Webalizer and new commands in the WAMP5 menu. Webalizer generates statistics on the usage of your server (number of visitors, number of pages outputed...). The statistics are generated as html pages.

  • ADD-ON XDEBUG ( non official add-on)
    This non official add-on is proposed by Gildas de Cadoulal.It will install XDEBUG and WINCACHE GRIND on your WAMP5. This will allow you to do some profiling on your PHP script and improve them.
    WAMPSERVER does not support this add-on, for any question, contact Gildas.
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