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Joined: 20 Jun 2006
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Tue 20 Jun '06 5:02    Post subject: PHP pages not loading Reply with quote

I have been trying for some time to install PHP 5.1.4 to work with Apache 2.2.2 on a machine running Windows XP SP2, but to no avail. I have followed the instructions included with the download of php5apache2.dll verbatim. From what I can tell, there's nothing wrong aside from the fact that PHP won't run (apache seems happy, but the script won't execute).

I have:
-downloaded and unzipped the php5apache2.dll-php5.1.x.zip file from this website's download page.
-copied php5apache2.dll to my PHP folder (which is the default c:\php).
-copied httpd.exe.manifest to my Apache2.2\bin directory.
-downloaded and installed the VC++ redistirbutable package.
-added the lines
LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2.dll"
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

to my httpd.conf file as instructed.
-added ";c:\php" to the end of my PATH environmental variable. I've even created an environmental variable called "PHPIniDir" with the value "c:\php" for good measure. (Though the actual file, php.ini did not originally exist in my c:\php directory. A search revealed that it was in c:\windows, so I copied it to c:\php [retaining the copy in c:\windows]).

When I try to open a php file, however, none of the script is rendered. I can view the source and see that the script is in there, but nothing is passed to the browser. I'm sure this isn't a problem with the script, as the script is just

<?php echo "Random jibberish here"; ?>

and even that won't run. There is nothing notable in my error logs, just

[Mon Jun 19 22:46:32 2006] [notice] Server built: Apr 29 2006 18:32:31
[Mon Jun 19 22:46:32 2006] [notice] Parent: Created child process 1184
[Mon Jun 19 22:46:32 2006] [notice] Child 1184: Child process is running
[Mon Jun 19 22:46:32 2006] [notice] Child 1184: Acquired the start mutex.
[Mon Jun 19 22:46:32 2006] [notice] Child 1184: Starting 250 worker threads.
[Mon Jun 19 22:46:32 2006] [notice] Child 1184: Starting thread to listen on port 80.

over and over again... I'm out of ideas guys, and any help would be much appreciated.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2005
Posts: 221

PostPosted: Tue 20 Jun '06 9:48    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is my entire CONF file (edited to arbitrary paths - but close enough to make sense):
ThreadsPerChild 250
MaxRequestsPerChild 0

ServerRoot "C:/Apache2"

Listen 80

LoadModule actions_module modules/mod_actions.so
LoadModule alias_module modules/mod_alias.so
LoadModule asis_module modules/mod_asis.so
LoadModule auth_basic_module modules/mod_auth_basic.so
LoadModule authn_default_module modules/mod_authn_default.so
LoadModule authn_file_module modules/mod_authn_file.so
LoadModule authz_default_module modules/mod_authz_default.so
LoadModule authz_groupfile_module modules/mod_authz_groupfile.so
LoadModule authz_host_module modules/mod_authz_host.so
LoadModule authz_user_module modules/mod_authz_user.so
LoadModule autoindex_module modules/mod_autoindex.so
LoadModule cgi_module modules/mod_cgi.so
LoadModule dir_module modules/mod_dir.so
LoadModule env_module modules/mod_env.so
LoadModule imagemap_module modules/mod_imagemap.so
LoadModule include_module modules/mod_include.so
LoadModule info_module modules/mod_info.so
LoadModule isapi_module modules/mod_isapi.so
LoadModule log_config_module modules/mod_log_config.so
LoadModule mime_module modules/mod_mime.so
LoadModule negotiation_module modules/mod_negotiation.so
LoadModule setenvif_module modules/mod_setenvif.so
LoadModule status_module modules/mod_status.so
LoadModule userdir_module modules/mod_userdir.so
LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so

# Load PHP as a module
LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2.dll"

ServerAdmin @@ServerAdmin@@

ServerName localhost:80

DocumentRoot "d:/Web"

<Directory />
      Options FollowSymLinks
      AllowOverride None
      Order deny,allow
      Deny from all
      Satisfy all

<Directory "d:/Web">
      Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
      AllowOverride None
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from all

<IfModule dir_module>
      DirectoryIndex index.htm index.html index.php

<IfModule log_config_module>
      LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" combined
      LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" common
      <IfModule logio_module>
            LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\" %I %O" combinedio
      CustomLog logs/access.log combined
<IfModule mime_module>
      TypesConfig conf/mime.types
      AddType application/x-compress .Z
      AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz

      # include the MIME TYPE for PHP
      AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

DefaultType text/plain
<FilesMatch "^\.ht">
      Order allow,deny
      Deny from all

ErrorLog logs/error.log

LogLevel crit

Include conf/extra/httpd-info.conf

Include conf/extra/httpd-manual.conf

Include conf/extra/httpd-default.conf

Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

PHPIniDir "C:/php"

I run PHP with an Apache CONF just like this without ANY problems - compare to what you have and note locations of PHP pertinent information. The extra CONF files set with Include contain nothing with regards to PHP.

Beyond this, I don't know what to tell you except that I'm using PHP 5.1.4 downloaded from PHP.net in conjunction with Steffen's php5apache2.dll. Also, in the PHP.INI file set error_reporting = E_ALL and display_errors = On until you have PHP working.

Good Luck
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