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mod_session_dbd failed to store session to DB session table

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Joined: 07 Jan 2016
Posts: 7
Location: U.S.A

PostPosted: Wed 13 Jan '16 1:21    Post subject: mod_session_dbd failed to store session to DB session table Reply with quote

I am upgrading apache mod_auth_form from 2.0.5 to 2.4. having trouble configuring mod_session_dbd. Need HELP!!

My configuration for httpd.conf - that fails to redirect to the protected main/main.php page even after the user is authenticated by login.php.

CREATE TABLE `session` (
  `id` bigint unsigned      NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `value`   varchar(512)    NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `expiry`  bigint unsigned       NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
  `key`     varchar(256)    NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  primary key (id)

DBDriver mysql
DBDParams "host= port=3306 dbname=session_db user=apache pass=dhishkhk"
DBDMin  4
DBDKeep 8
DBDMax  20
DBDExptime 300
DBDPrepareSQL "select value from session where `key` = %s and (expiry = 0 or expiry > %lld)" selectsession
DBDPrepareSQL "delete from session where `key` = %s" deletesession
DBDPrepareSQL "insert into session (value, expiry, `key`) values (%s, %lld,  %s)" insertsession
DBDPrepareSQL "update session set value = %s, expiry =  %lld, `key` = %s where `key` = %s" updatesession

<Directory "/var/www/html/main">
        Options         -Indexes +FollowSymLinks

    SetHandler form-login-handler
    AuthFormLoginRequiredLocation /login.php
    AuthFormLoginSuccessLocation /main/main.php
    AuthFormProvider dbd
AuthFormUsername uid
AuthFormPassword password

    AuthType form
    AuthName "My Login"
ErrorDocument 401 /login.php
Session On
#SessionDBDPerUser On
SessionDBDCookieName session path=/;
SessionDBDSelectLabel selectsession
SessionDBDDeleteLabel deletesession
SessionDBDInsertLabel insertsession
SessionDBDUpdateLabel updatesession

        SessionDBDCookieRemove Off

        Require                 valid-user

    ExpiresActive       On
    ExpiresByType       application/x-java-jnlp-file    "now"


We write our custom login.php script that is invoked when client first accesses the main page. The script shows a login HTML form, then takes user input (uid and password) to authenticate against SQL user DB as well as LDAP user accounts. Once the uid/password is authenticated, it appears that mod_session is able to set "session" cookie, but is unable to store the session to the "session" table I created. I expect that mod_session_dbd is going to match the "session" in the cookie with the info in the session DB table (via the selectsession DBDPrepareSQL) and see the user is already autenticated, and let it go to main page, instead of login.php again as if it were not authenticated (which is what happens with my configuration above).

The apache documentation for mod_session_dbd is minimal and incomplete, and I have not been able to find any working example of mod_session_dbd anywhere on the web that I can use for reference. Don'e even know how to debug mod_session_dbd... Struggling with this for 6 days now, any help/suggestion would be much appreciated!!
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