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mod_evasive2 questions and concerns

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Joined: 15 Nov 2005
Posts: 82
Location: Dundee, Michigan

PostPosted: Sat 05 Mar '16 20:31    Post subject: mod_evasive2 questions and concerns Reply with quote

ok so the only problem I have with mod_evassive is that it times me out and doesn't display all images on all pages all the way. Here is my settings:

<IfModule evasive2_module>
    DOSDisplayToken      On
    DOSHashTableSize    3097
    DOSPageCount        2
    DOSSiteCount        50
    DOSPageInterval     1
    DOSSiteInterval     1
    DOSBlockingPeriod   10

Now to maybe to some upgrades in the next version upgrade:
1.) Time to Live (TTL) cycle to stay alive.
2.) ppl shut down servers by sending a massive amounts of ping at it just to shut it down.
3.) traceroute is the same way at the above mentioned 2. Just to shut servers down.
4.) It seems like it's specific to and only to it's own module and this module ain't module friendly
and even mod_proxy_html
and other's

I love this module.

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