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Server to server encryption

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Joined: 15 Jun 2016
Posts: 1
Location: netherlands

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jun '16 10:43    Post subject: Server to server encryption Reply with quote

Does anyone here have experience with server to server encryption?

What are the hurdles?

And pros and cons?

and ideally this as well if someone answers the above:

KeyTalk (keytalk.com) the small but internationally operating Dutch software company that I work for, delivers complementary IT security solutions in strong authentication and secure data-in-motion protection. I am just writing the broader "Linux server community”) to determine if a move to evolve our “Automated Certificate Engine” into a server-to-server encryption model would be a product this community would consider using/purchasing. We are planning on moving our Automated Certificate Engine away from our current on-premises (VMware only) restriction model and develop it into an “Enterprise Cloud Marketplace” compatible environment. By “Enterprise Cloud Marketplace” we mean Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and HyperV.

I/we are curious to hear from Linux or Apache administrators the following:

1) If you were to use our product, would you prefer an on-premises installation? Would you use it on a public cloud, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure? Please explain.

2) Would you use a Hardware Security Module? If so, what brand or type?

3) Do you currently have the capabilities to work with an SDK, instead of an app, to make client/server certificates available in a way you want?

4) What SDK programming languages would you expect to be minimally supported? (At present, it is GO, C++, Python, Java, Objective-C.)

5) Would an open source SDK be of added value to you?

6) What would you primarily use our issued certificates product for? (Client-server? server-to-server? 802.1x? signing? other?)

7) Assuming the future KeyTalk product is offered as a per unique user per month license model, what do you feel is a fair price to pay? Are there other license models that you would prefer?

I/we would love to hear if this is something the community would use/need/buy.
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