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Apache 2.2 users

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Joined: 16 Oct 2007
Posts: 2169
Location: Sun Diego, USA

PostPosted: Tue 05 Jul '16 22:03    Post subject: Apache 2.2 users Reply with quote

What was in the Apache 2.4.23 announcement today that concerns Apache 2.2 users is this;

Please note that Apache Web Server Project will only provide maintenance
releases of the 2.2.x flavor through June of 2017, and will provide some
security patches beyond this date through at least December of 2017.
Minimal maintenance patches of 2.2.x are expected throughout this period,
and users are strongly encouraged to promptly complete their transitions
to the the 2.4.x flavor of httpd to benefit from a much larger assortment
of minor security and bug fixes as well as new features.

So basically the countdown has started and you should start planning to upgrade now and any budgeting that may be needed to switch.

To be honest I do not see much happening with 2.2 after this next coming release (2.2.32) unless some major security related bug is found.
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