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EU's final report on audit of Apache HTTP and APR is out.

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PostPosted: Thu 17 Nov '16 2:10    Post subject: EU's final report on audit of Apache HTTP and APR is out. Reply with quote


2 issues considered low
5 informational

4 of these do not have a impact on the actual server or libraries because they are only used during the compilation of the code and are not part of the distributions to end users so may be change in accordance to the recommendations if someone gets an itch to do it.

1 is unix specific.

I do see two that will be (just saw a patch for CBC-FIO-001 come in the mail)
or may have already been fixed in the source (I haven't checked).

The last two paragraphs of the report are quite telling as to the security posture of APR/HTTP.
In conclusion , the code review carried out confirmed the fact that the code of both Apache Core and APR have a good level from a security point of view, with only a few controls with findings, none of them being of high severity.

As a final note , it is fundamental to take into account that these findings cannot be directly considered security flaws that can be exploited, since ‘Security’ is a set of layers and therefore several risky findings are necessary to compromise the software.

Another thing to note, they do add this caveat often;
Before deciding to change it, one must take into account the risk of adding more complexity to the code.
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