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Reserved file names on Windows10pro32bit?

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Joined: 03 Oct 2016
Posts: 3
Location: USA, Philadephia

PostPosted: Wed 05 Apr '17 13:54    Post subject: Reserved file names on Windows10pro32bit? Reply with quote

I ran into a very odd situation porting older 32bit executables to an Apache for Windows cgi-bin on a Windows10pro32bit.

One of the exe files ported had the word "update" in the file name. Using Apache, this particular file produced a server error as follows:

[cgi:error] [pid 5124:tid 1764] (OS 740)The requested operation requires elevation.

The file name was "databaseupdate.exe" which I created and have maintained for 12 years.

There wasn't any obvious issue with ownership or permissions and none of the other exe files also ported required elevation. The file hasn't required administrator access in the past and was never marked to run as an administrator.

It turned out that on my Windows10pro32bit machine, every exe file with the word "update" anywhere in the name was reserved or restricted. Using C# and C++, I created simple exe files and named them containing the word "update". Same result.

I finally noticed, quite by accident, using the File Explorer GUI, that the executable files with the word "update" had the distinctive blue and yellow shield of Windows Defender over the file icon. I checked the file with Kaspersky and there is no virus and there has never been a virus.

I renamed the exe file without the word "update" and recompiled. The exe was now an ordinary exe file just like all the other exe files. I put the word "update" back in the filename and the Windows Defender shield reappears. Magic!

I'm struggling to find a list with the word "update" indicated as a reserved/restricted within a file name.

Are there other unusual file name restrictions to worry about?
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James Blond

Joined: 19 Jan 2006
Posts: 6452
Location: Germany, Next to Hamburg

PostPosted: Mon 28 Aug '17 23:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

Windows thinks that you need administrator access when your application name contains words like Setup or Update. this process is called Installer Detection Technology and was introduced alongside UAC with Windows Vista.

From the MSDN site:

Installer Detection only applies to:

32 bit executables

Applications without a requestedExecutionLevel

Interactive processes running as a Standard User with LUA enabled

Before a 32 bit process is created, the following attributes are checked to determine whether it is an installer:

Filename includes keywords like "install," "setup," "update," etc.
Keywords in the following Versioning Resource fields: Vendor, Company Name, Product Name, File Description, Original Filename, Internal Name, and Export Name.
Keywords in the side-by-side manifest embedded in the executable.
Keywords in specific StringTable entries linked in the executable.
Key attributes in the RC data linked in the executable.
Targeted sequences of bytes within the executable.

see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4133337/how-do-i-avoid-uac-when-my-exe-file-name-contains-the-word-update
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