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Joined: 05 Dec 2017
Posts: 1
Location: San Luis Obispo

PostPosted: Tue 05 Dec '17 19:50    Post subject: MOD_WSCGI will not load Reply with quote

We used to have a fantastic webdev who has even contributed code to the project. He retired years and years ago, and we didn't replace him. One of our intranet servers is Windows 2003, which cannot join a 2016 domain which we are upgrading to soon.

This guy would keep everything in two folders: C:\webdata for the site, and C:\webservices for Apache (2.2) and PHP (5.3.10), etc. Now, since this server is 32 bit I have had to attempt this on Windows 10x32 since I don't think that I'd be able to replicate his work. Also, I couldn't find a 64 bit version, and the 32 bit one won't run on a 64 bit server. What I did was simply copy the two folders above to the new computer. I think this should be fine because I doubt registry entries are involved.

When I try to start httpd.exe it complains that it cannot load mod_wscgi.so, and quits. From what I've read on Google, this module requires Python. I installed Python 2.7.3. That didn't fix the problem.

What should I try next?
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James Blond

Joined: 19 Jan 2006
Posts: 7118
Location: Germany, Next to Hamburg

PostPosted: Wed 06 Dec '17 19:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wonder why the 32 bit version does not run on the new server. Does it need some VC runtime files to be installed? If you have tried to run it, anything in the windows event log and or apache error log?
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