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PostPosted: Sun 06 May '18 4:27    Post subject: Question About 32 vs 64 bit Installation of Apache Tomcat... Reply with quote

We previously folded the Tomcat installer into our overall Web App installation as a prerequisite. Another prerequisite was the latest version of 64bit Java Runtime environment, which is installed before Tomcat.

The Tomcat install is conditioned if the registry value, DisplayVersion, contains a version < 8.5.28...

LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Apache Tomcat 8.5 TomcatForOruCompany

All was working great... Tomcat found saw that 64 bit Java was in play, installed to Program Files, as opposed to Program Files (x86) and the trigger registry value displayed above was written to the 64 bit hive of the registry, as opposed to the Wow6432Node.

However, we ran into the problem that Tomcat would 'break' if the Java runtime was auto updated/older versions removed.

So, our thought was to isolate the version of the JRE we need to use by repackaging and installing to a directory such as C:\Program Files\OurCompany\Web\JRE. We default this location for the Tomcat install by using /C=tomcat.config for Tomcat install launch. All seems to be OK except for the fact that the trigger registry key/value mentioned above is now written to the Wow6432Node in this scenario.

I don't know what this difference will mean for runtime functionality, but it causes our overall web app installation to indicate Tomcat install failure because it can't verify the installation because it can't find the registry value post install in the 64 bit location.

Why is there a difference as to where this value is written if we try to isolate our required JRE? What does the Tomcat install process look for or what does it use to determine where to write this key. I would hope I could add something to our repackaged JRE installer to mimic what Tomcat uses to write to the 64 bit registry hive.

Hopefully someone out there can help. Otherwise I guess I have to write a little wrapper .exe to check for the mentioned value first in the 64 bit hive and then Wow6432Node. If not found in either, I know the Tomcat install is needed and I will then fire it off.

Any info, help, points to information would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and the OS is Server 2012 R2.

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