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Reply to topic   Topic: Execution-time problem on NT4

Joined: 13 Jan 2006
Posts: 3
Location: Palm Springs, CA

PostPosted: Wed 22 Feb '06 21:34    Post subject: Execution-time problem on NT4 Reply with quote

First, thanks to all who have posted their experiences building 2.2 with VC++ Express 2005. Due to these earlier posts I was able to build successfully, including SSL and ZLIB.

My build environment is Windows XP Home with Visual C++ Express 2005, and the current edition of the Platform SDK. Deployment environment is Windows NT 4.0 at SP6a level. I should note that Apache 2.0.55 runs there well.

My problem, however, is at runtime. As soon as I start httpd.exe with -k install, I get a dialog box that says: "The procedure entry point GetLongPathNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL."

Unfortunately, I get this same result using the binaries downloaded from this website.

While I don't completely understand all the implications of the new deployment models, I did notice that the MS tech articles that are pointed to mention every version of Windows (including 3.1!) but not NT.

Having a couple of different versions of MSVCR80.DLL around, I switched them and got at least once an entry point error within MSVCR80.DLL itself, not that that is probably of any interest.

I followed the tips on this website, including making the manifest file for systems that do not have the .NET 2.0 framework (as indeed my poor NT server does not).

Does anyone have experience with this, am I doing something obviously wrong? Or am I in an unsupported environment.

I'm kind of in a hard place in that I can't put service on NT beyond SP6a, as this seems to break dtSearch on this platform, which I need.

I only need this to work on Windows for a while until I can move my search subsystem to LINUX.

For those that are interested, mod_rewrite is what lured me off IIS.

Thanks in advance for any help

Les Kooyman
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Joined: 13 Jan 2006
Posts: 3
Location: Palm Springs, CA

PostPosted: Wed 22 Feb '06 21:38    Post subject: Additional info Reply with quote

I should note that the 2.0.55 that runs well is a binary downloaded from another website, not one built with the same Visual C++ Express compiler that seems to be posing the problems for me.
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Joined: 15 Oct 2005
Posts: 3045
Location: Hilversum, NL, EU

PostPosted: Wed 22 Feb '06 21:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

Indeed, Visual C++ 2005 is not supporting NT deployment.

You can download Apache 2.2 build with VC6 at http://www.gknw.net/development/apache/httpd-2.2/win32/

Please let me know if this works.

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Joined: 13 Jan 2006
Posts: 3
Location: Palm Springs, CA

PostPosted: Wed 22 Feb '06 23:33    Post subject: Thanks Steffan Reply with quote

I will check the binary distribution you reference, and thank you.

MS' decision to complicate software distribution in this manner is just one more nail in the Windows coffin here. It is unproductive for a small operation such as ours to constantly be chasing MS' incessant platform-related changes.

Thanks for the help, I'll probably stay on 2.0.55 for the short time it will take me to convert to LINUX.

My interest in 2.2 had to do with whether or not it helps the partial page download situation I am seeing with Firefox clients. I'll just have to find that out a little later on.

Thanks for the quick answers, it has really helped me prioritize things.
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