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PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul '21 3:45    Post subject: This was in a conf file that was specifically written for us Reply with quote

Make an authentic Vietnamese coffee with a Thang Long Filter set

You are a person who wants to explore new things and cultures. You are excited by knowing learning ordinary things work in the right manner and get to know the cultural traits that go along with them. Today, we will introduce you to a traditional Vietnamese coffee filler set, which we hope will bring you a new experience. You can expect to spend more or less $10 for a Thang Long set, which starts an interesting journey.

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What is the Vietnamese coffee culture like?

The French first introduced coffee in Vietnam in 1857, and soon, coffee became the best of products from Vietnam, known to the rest of the world. Besides coffee, the French also brought “sweetened condensed milk”, an essential factor for the development of the specific Vietnamese coffee style.

In Vietnam, both locals and visitors are likely to love starting a new day with a “cà phê đá”, a Vietnamese iced coffee, or a “cà phê sữa đá”. Typically, this kind of coffee is enhanced with sweetened condensed milk. To prepare it, people will use a “phin cà phê”, a small metal Vietnamese drip coffee filter. The Vietnamese coffee is simply made with medium to coarse ground, roasted Vietnamese-grown coffee beans.

Making Vietnamese Coffee at Home

Making coffee in Vietnam traditionally involves using a “phin”. If you cannot find a Vietnamese coffee filter set, a French press is another good alternative. Ground coffee is typically pre-brewed at a warm temperature before going through the process of making coffee using a French coffee plunger. With this, you should get a quite similar taste to that of a Vietnamese coffee filter. However, homemade Vietnamese coffee is a beautiful way of experiencing your coffee’s taste and helps you enjoy time with the family.

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Ingredients (the amount will depend on your taste preference)

  • Vietnamese ground coffee. If you prefer to make a regular Vietnamese coffee, go for Robusta coffee beans. Commonly, Vietnamese coffee uses medium roast or dark roast coffee beans, which are bitter and dark, as this harmonizes with the richness and sweetness of the condensed milk.
  • Condensed milk (if you do not like this milk product, you can leave it out).
  • Water near boiling temperate.

Ten steps to make a top reviewed beverage in Vietnam

  • Place the ground coffee into the filter’s base, and use the detachable press to push it down and distribute it evenly. Do not shake the filter, as this will cause the grounds to fall through and block the whole process.
  • Pour 15-50 ml of sweetened condensed milk into a glass or cup before placing the filter on top of the cup or glass.
  • Firstly, add a little bit of the hot water to “warm up and wake up” the coffee.
  • After less than a minute, gradually pour water that is near boiling temperature through the filter pot (remember to keep your water hot).
  • Place the filter’s lid on, and then you will see the coffee start to drip into the glass after a few moments. It takes 3-5 minutes to have your “raw” coffee ready before removing the filter.
  • Gently mix to break down the sweetened condensed milk. Maybe you’ll want to try a taste before deciding to add more condensed milk or not.
  • If you are going to make iced coffee, put a few pieces of ice into the milk coffee before drinking. If not, enjoy your coffee while it is still warm!
  • In case you do not like the milk coffee, you can just skip all the steps involving sweetened condensed milk and add some sugar at the end instead.

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Final words

Different from other types of coffee, unique-tasting Vietnamese coffee is traditionally and typically made by adding sweetened condensed milk, which will balance the bitterness of the coffee. It is easy to find the best of products for both a “phin” and Vietnamese ground coffee among the many available Amazon products. A Thang Long Coffee set is just $9.95 on Amazon.com with 85% 5-star reviews out of 704. Furthermore, you can use the Trung Nguyen brand of ground coffee, which comes in a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

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PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul '21 18:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's no hard and fast rule as to whether you include those configuration directives in your current httpd.conf file, or reference them in a separate conf file, with an include statement in httpd.conf. Depending on how your current configuration has been structured, it rather depends on your preference.

Since those rewrite directives are site specific, it might make sense to put them in a suitably named conf file, and include it.

If it's not already been done elsewhere in your configuration, you'll also need to load the mod_rewrite module, viz:
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

and enable the rewrite engine before this extra code.
RewriteEngine on
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