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Additional & Goodies Downloads

Apache 2.2 binaries :: End Of Live
[Apache 2.2] httpd 2.2.34 VC10                                

Apache 2.4 Last VC10/VC11/VC14/VC15/VS16 binaries
[Apache 2.4 VC10 ] httpd 2.4.23 VC10  Last VC10 which runs on XP and 2003
[Apache 2.4 VC11 ] httpd 2.4.38 VC11  Last VC11 

[Apache 2.4 VC14 ] httpd 2.4.41 VC14  Last VC14

[Apache 2.4 VC15 ] httpd 2.4.54 VC15  Last VC15

[Apache 2.4 VS16 ] httpd 2.4.57 VS16  Last VS16

Webmaster Tools & Utilities

[mod_caucho] mod_caucho-2.4.zip                       info       09 Oct '17      130K
For Resin 4 and Apache 2.4 VC11
[mod_perl] mod_perl 2.0.12-2.4.x 10 Feb '22
Build by stevehay
ActivePerl/StrawberryPerl and Apache 2.4.x Win64
[Brotli.exe] brotli-1.0.3-win32-VC15.zip info 08 Mar '18 1645K
Brotli command line tool that will compress/uncompress files
[Server_status-LUA] server-status_lua.zip info 11 Jun '17 34K
Lua version Apache mod_status using dynamic charts
[Apache Monitor] ApacheStats.zip info 26 Dec '11 423K
Apache realtime statistics based on MRTG, monitors mod_status output and stores web server activity in a MRTG file, it creates pretty graphs, see example.
[Apache MySQL statistics] ApacheStats-MySQL-Add-on.zip 9 Aug '11 3K
MySQL Add-on for the above ApacheStats, generates Mysql Query statistics.
[Apache HTTPD Mememory statistics] ApacheStats-Memory-Add-on.zip 15 May '08 2K
Apache Memory Usage Add-on for the above ApacheStats.
[apxs win32] apxs_win32.zip 22 Jan '14 18K
A support program that simplifies the creation of dynamic shared object (DSO) files for Apache2 third party modules. It can be used to build DSO-based modules outside of the Apache source tree.
[lineends] lineends.zip 5 Mar '12 2K
Perl script to convert *NIX source for to be usable source for windows,
converts "lf" only to "cr lf".
VC9 modules can be used with VC10

[php_handler 2.4] php5apache2_4.dll-php-5.2-win32.zip       info      13 Feb '13      136K
  VC9 - PHP Handler modules PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 for Apache 2.4


[Performance Server 2022] Perf-tun-srv-2022.pdf                     info      17 Dec '22     1906K
  Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2016
[Performance Server 2016] Perf-tun-srv-2016.pdf info 27 Apr '17 3340K Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2016
[Performance Server 2012] Perf-tun-srv-2012.docx info 18 Sep '13 1541K Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012
[Performance 2008 R2] Perf-tun-srv-R2.docx info 23 Mar '12 666K Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2008 R2
[httpd 2.4 Cloud] Apache_httpd_cloud.pdf info 23 Feb '12 6.980K Apache httpd v2.4. Hello Cloud: Buy you a drink ?
[Installing Apache SSL] InstallingApacheonWindows.pdf 31 Mar '08 179K
Installing Apache 2.2 with SSL/TLS on Windows
[mod_rewrite] mod_rewrite.pdf 21 May '09 2.110K
Introduction to mod_rewrite
[underground-php-oracle-manual] underground-php-oracle-manual.pdf 1 Dec '08 9.390K This book is aimed at PHP programmers who are developing applications for an Oracle database. Contains also a nice introduction to PHP