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09 November 2022
New C++ Redistributable

08 November 2022
httpd 2.4.54 and modules VS17 available

08 November 2022
mod_security 2.9.6

02 November 2022
httpd 2.4.54 Update

01 November 2022
Dropped VC15 Download,
see here

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Apache 2.4 VS16 Windows Binaries and Modules

Apache Lounge has provided up-to-date Windows binaries and popular third-party modules for more than 15 years. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied users: small and big companies as well as home users. Always build with up to date dependencies and latest compilers, and tested thorough. The binaries are referenced by the ASF, Microsoft, PHP etc. and more and more software is packaged with our binaries and modules.

The binaries, are build with the sources from ASF at httpd.apache.org, contains the latest patches and latest dependencies like zlib, openssl etc. which makes the downloads here mostly more actual then downloads from other places. The binaries do not run on XP and 2003. Runs on: 7 SP1, Vista SP2, 8/8.1, 10, 11 Server 2008 SP2 / R2 SP1, Server 2012 / R2, Server 2016/2019/2022.

Build with the latest Windows® Visual Studio C++ 2019 aka VS16. VS16 has improvements, fixes and optimizations over VC15 in areas like Performance, MemoryManagement, New standard conformance features, Code generation and Stability. For example code quality tuning and improvements done across different code generation areas for "speed". And makes more use of latest processors and supported Windows editions (win7 and up) internal features.

VS16 is backward compatible,. You can use a VC15/14 module inside a VS16 binary, for example PHP VC15/14 as module,

Be sure you installed latest 14.34.31931 Visual C++ Redistributable Visual Studio 2015-2022 : vc_redist_x64 or vc_redist_x86 see Redistributable

Apache 2.4 binaries VS16

Info & Changelog
Apache 2.4.54 Win64
[Apache VS16 Binary] httpd-2.4.54-win64-VS16.zip                             02 Nov '22 10.642k

  PGP Signature (Public PGP key), SHA1-SHA512 Checksums
Apache 2.4.54 Win32
[Apache VS16 Binary] httpd-2.4.54-win32-VS16.zip                             02 Nov '22  9.714k 

  PGP Signature (Public PGP key), SHA1-SHA512 Checksums
To be sure that a download is intact and has not been tampered with, use PGP, see PGP Signature

Apache 2.4 modules VS16

Mail for the PGP signatures and/or SHA checksums to verify the contents of a file.

Quality Of Service module, is able to protect your server from
various kinds of malicious access or attacks like slowloris, DDos
[mod_fcgid] mod_qos-11.71-win64-VS16.zip               info         16 Mar '22  1.090K

FastCGI ASF module
[mod_fcgid] mod_fcgid-2.3.10-win64-VS16.zip            info         16 Jun '19     45K

[mod_fcgid] mod_fcgid-2.3.10-win32-VS16.zip                                        41K

Application firewall, intrusion detection and prevention engine
[mod_security2] mod_security-2.9.5-win64-VS16.zip          info         29 June '22    628K 

  Version 2.9.6 VS17 can you use with VS16, see here

  See here for a APR handle fix 

mod_jk & isapi_redirect.dll
Tomcat connector
[mod_jk] mod_jk-1.2.48-win64-VS16.zip               info         14 Dec '20    167K 

[mod_jk] mod_jk-1.2.48-win32-VS16.zip                                          137K 

[isapi_redirect.dll] isapi_redirect.dll-1.2.46-VS16.zip         info                       388K 

Processes X-SENDFILE headers registered by the original output handler.
It is useful for processing script-output of e.g. php, perl or any cgi.
[mod_xsendfile] mod_xsendfile-1.0-P1-win64-VS16.zip        info         16 Jun '19     14K 

[mod_xsendfile] mod_xsendfile-1.0-P1-win32-VS16.zip                                    14K 

in-process server-native log rotation
[mod_log_rotate] mod_log_rotate-1.0.2-win64-VS16.zip        info         17 Jun 19      10K 

[mod_log_rotate] mod_log_rotate-1.0.2-win32-VS16.zip                                     9K 

DBD Virtual Host and DBD Logging from/to an (My)SQL database
[dbd_modules] dbd_modules-1.0.6-win64-VS16.zip           info         16 Jun '19     24K 

[dbd_modules] dbd_modules-1.0.6-win32-VS16.zip                                       22K 

Bandwidth limiter
[mod_bw] mod_bw-0.92-win64-VS16.zip                 info         16 Jun '19     29K 

[mod_bw] mod_bw-0.92-win32-VS16.zip                                             28K 

Display head, tail, or entire contents of a file, for remote viewing of (log)files.
[mod_view] mod_view-2.2-win64-VS16.zip                info         02 Feb '20     16K 

[mod_view] mod_view-2.2-win32-VS16.zip                                            16K 

Per Vhost Monitoring Interface. Watch and collect the bytes, requests,
and documents in & out per virtual host, file owner, remote-ip address,
directory or location, and the server as a whole.
[mod_watch] mod_watch-4.3-win64-VS16.zip               info         16 Jun '19     25K 

[mod_watch] mod_watch-4.3-win32-VS16.zip                                           22K 

Helps to prevent HTTP DoS (DDoS) attacks or server brute force attacks.
[mod_evasive] mod_evasive-2.2.0-win64-VS16.zip           info         09 Feb '20     18K 

[mod_evasive] mod_evasive-2.2.0-win32-VS16.zip                                       17K