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Reply to topic   Topic: Linux users welcome here, special Raspberry Pi 2 users

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PostPosted: Thu 26 Feb '15 15:31    Post subject: Linux users welcome here, special Raspberry Pi 2 users Reply with quote

Apache Lounge started for Windows environments. The last time we see that more and more Linux (Debian, Ubuntu etc.) webmasters are posting/answering.

The Apache configurations (directives) are mostly the same for Windows and Linux, only installing, OS commands are different.

There are quite some very experienced Linux webmasters, hopefully they participate here for benefit of Windows users.

I am a favorite of the Raspberry since the beginning. On A, B, B+ version you could install Apache, but is was not so suitable because performance. Only for a very lightweight server

Now the Raspberry Pi 2 is there, which has a quad core and now 1Gig memory, we can do more serious things with it, even a performing server. It is a lot faster then the B and B+, 6 time faster is the claim at http://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-2-on-sale/ .

And Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is coming to the Pi 2, and Ubuntu start with the Pi 2.

The Pi 2 has ARMv7 processor at the moment with Linux version 3.18.7-v7+, which is fully supported/maintained by Debian. The former Raspberries were ARMv6 which ported kernel is not maintained by Debian.

Raspbarian OS on the raspberry is Debian Wheezy, so Apache 2.2 (legacy) is in the repository with apt-get.

Our moderator James Blond has made nice Debian scripts to install latest Apache 2.4.x, mod_fcgid, OpenSSL. Which runs of course on the Raspberry Pi 2. I am running it with MySql, Phpadmin etc., and indeed it performs above my expectation. When you attach a USB (SSD) hard-disk you can improve performance.

To get started it is preferred to use James's scripts at www.apachelounge.com/viewtopic.php?p=29931

Do not post further install questions here, but open a topic in the forum Apache here.

Yep, a full-blown server for about 40 dollar/euro. In fact to run a server you do not need a keyboard/mouse and monitor. You can install/run all without it, operate it with SSH. And Samba is also handy to manipulate files on a Windows box.


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