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Reply to topic   Topic: Unauthorised Use of Post method

Joined: 27 Oct 2021
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Thu 28 Oct '21 4:52    Post subject: Unauthorised Use of Post method Reply with quote


Every now and then I have observed the following or similar entries in my website access log file:

"POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 824 “-“

Q 1: How can someone successfully use Post method without permissions?

Q2: How can I stop unauthorised use of Post method?

Q3: How can I find what has been unauthorisedly posted on my websites?

Thanks and regards,
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Joined: 27 Jun 2016
Posts: 145
Location: Schömberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

PostPosted: Thu 28 Oct '21 7:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello and good morning Abha,

1. What is "without permissions"? You can configure your apache to request basic-authentication from the browser/requesting entity. Or you can do some stuff within your application to present a login-window and handle the authentication using a session-storage (i.e. built in into PHP). But it seems that it is not working as expected by you? But without knowledge what you have done there is nearly no possible way to give hints what to do.

2. As I don't know the server/the application/the persons/entities using the service there is no clear advice and a lot of possible answers - each with their pros and cons. You can create firewall-rules to allow only a defined network-range/ip-address to access. You can do the same within Apache's config. You can configure Apache to use Basic-Authentication (or some other authentication/authorization-method provided by Apache). You can create some session-handling within your application and deny all other requests. ...

3. you can configure what is inside a log-entry Apache writes to access.log - keyword is LogFormat.
The default-settings is fine in most cases and for me the result looks like this:
Code: - - [28/Oct/2021:07:08:51 +0200] "GET /[...url_requested...] HTTP/2.0" 200 66 "https://[...referrer...]" "[...browser_string...]"

Where is (in my example) the client's ip-address. This gives at least a hint which machine POSTed some data to your server. The timestamps are a hint if it is done by a cron-job (every x minutes/hours) or maybe by a human (only office-hours; no recurring interval recognizable)

Or is your question a little simpler: somebody is using POST where only GET should be allowed? You can configure Apache to allow only some verbs (GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, ...) and deny the others. Then this might be the answer or at least a hint what to do next: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40914743/apache-limitexcept-only-to-get-and-post-methods

Best regards
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