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Apache 2.2.0, mod_proxy, dns question

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Joined: 11 Jan 2006
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Mon 06 Mar '06 22:13    Post subject: Apache 2.2.0, mod_proxy, dns question Reply with quote

I'm using apachelounge's Apache 2.2.0 with mod_proxy to set up an http proxy server in our corporate DMZ. It will sit between the outer and inner firewalls, and foreward all external http requests to a single internal server (and reverse).

However, the IP address of this internal server (internal IP address, no external registration or connectivity) is the same as one/some of Wells Fargo's public servers. So I need this Apache proxy server to communicate with our corporate DNS servers to correctly resolve the internal server to which to forward external requests. I don't see a variable/pointer in httpd.conf for a DNS server, nor do I see info on how to do this in the official apache.org mod_proxy docs. Maybe I've missed it, but does anyone know now to configure Apache to do this? Thanks!
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James Blond

Joined: 19 Jan 2006
Posts: 6628
Location: Germany, Next to Hamburg

PostPosted: Wed 08 Mar '06 10:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

You don't have to configure that. The Apache only listen the port 80.
So you have only to configure you netcards from the server / pc itself.
In httpd.conf change only
Listen 80 or if you run it on Port 8080 like many servers Listen 8080
and ServerName www.yourcompany.com:80 or even with Listen 8080 ServerName www.yourcompany.com:8080


ServerName proxy.yourcompany.com:80
Listen 80

DON'T i.e.

ServerName proxy.yourcompany.com:80
#Don't give an ip !!! like
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Joined: 11 Jan 2006
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Thu 09 Mar '06 0:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks James, much appreciated. To clarify for anyone else with the same question, it's the OS, not the webserver, that specifies the nameserver:

Windows: Networking Control Panel, TCP/IP Properties, specifiy the DNS server/s.

Linux: /etc/resolve.conf, specify nameserver (eg nameserver.domain.com
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