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Running mod_security in virtual hosts

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Joined: 18 Nov 2005
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Sun 20 Nov '05 17:55    Post subject: Running mod_security in virtual hosts Reply with quote

I want to run mod_security only on certain vhosts. Is this possible ? The only thing I have done differently is put the rules into the vhost configuration. To my way of thinking, it will only search for those rules, on that domain only? Am I correct ?

Thanks in advance.
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Joined: 15 Oct 2005
Posts: 2747
Location: Hilversum, NL, EU

PostPosted: Sun 20 Nov '05 19:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sure this is possible.

Also: virtualHosts will inherit the configuration from the main server but you can make changes as you wish. In 1.9 you can import or delete individual rules via their IDs.
For example:

<VirtualHost ...>
SecFilterEngine Off


<VirtualHost ...>
SecFilterInheritance off
# same configuration as the parent but no rules
# ...
# new rules here ...


<VirtualHost XYZ>
SecFilterCheckURLEncoding Off
SecFilterCheckUnicodeEncoding Off
SecFilterCheckCookieFormat Off
SecFilterNormalizeCookies Off

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